We are a small team of developers based in New Zealand. Web-Script-World is a culmination of 8 years’ experience developing database driven websites and various forms of content management systems to help our customers keep their sites fresh and up-to-date and to keep down the costs of web maintenance.

We have had great success in the past few years with a small number of free PHP webscripts we developed, including a mailing list manager, shopping cart, web chat room, and discussion board. Together these scripts totalled over 150,000 downloads in 2 years. We soon realised the need for a central website management system with the ability to easily install add-on scripts.

Our users have always enjoyed our easy-to-install, and easy-to-use programs, and we have extended these principles to Web Script World. Just look at some of the comments we’ve received…

“Yours is a delight. Simple to follow. Up to date, and of course my heart was pumping violently… what if I did something incorrect. And no I didn’t… it WORKED!! I’m so delighted that my first PHP installation worked.”
– John Climbrook

“this is an amazing script! simple, pure, perfect – the epitome of how it should be!”
– Elon Dowding

“All I can say is like WOW! you guys have done the bloody most fantastic job I have seen on a non-cgi script ever! My site will benefit from your good work!”
– Brendan Austin

“Awesome script. Your install instructions were some of the best I have seen.”
– Stevenson deGuzman

“My god, I just found your script and I am amazed, wonderful ! So easy to install and so perfectly written. GOOD JOB!”
– Phor Loss

“I want to congratulate all of you who made this awesome piece of php script.”
– Baza Simon

We’ve continued our tradition of providing free scripts to the web community, because we believe in sharing good ideas… and again we’ve provided a FREE version of Web Script World for our visitors.

Of course to provide superb support and to help us continue to develop Web Script World and add-on modules we have a professional version at a very low one-off download fee.

We hope you enjoy using Web Script World and its add-on products and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

The Web Script World Team